Magic City All Stars

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Mandatory Parent Meeting April 23, 2023 at 3:00

  • We will discuss the team packet and go over what to expect for tryouts and the upcoming season.

Tryouts for the 2023-2024 Season:

  • 3 days: May 19 – May 21, 2023
  • Athletes will tryout by level. Tryout registration link will be published here as we get closer to tryouts.
  • Cost- $25 for returning athletes; $75 for new athletes
  • What to expect: Tryouts at Magic City are essentially low-stress workouts. During the tryouts, athletes show skills they have developed and demonstrate a potential to learn new skills. Athletes are given numerous opportunities to show skills over 3 days. This also gives athletes and our coaching staff time to get acquainted with one another.
  • Tryouts will be held over a span of three days. Day 1 is crucial for all athletes because it will determine what time and day, they come in on Day 2 and Day 3.




Day 1: Tumbling

Day 2: level appropriate Stunting/ Flyer body positions

Day 3: level appropriate stunting, introduce elite level stunting.

***Tryout times per level will be posted when registration becomes available closer to May.***


  • LEVEL 1: BWO, FWO, Valdez, Handstand Forward Roll, Cartwheel BWO, Round off
  • LEVEL 2: BHS, T-Jump BHS, BWO BHS, BHS Step Out, Round off BHS Series, FWO Round off BHS
  • LEVEL 3: BHS Series, Jump to BHS, BHS Step out, Round off BHS Tuck, Punch Front, Aerial, FWO BHS Tuck
  • LEVEL 4: Tuck, BHS Tuck, BHS Series to Tuck, Cartwheel Tuck, Jump BHS Tuck, Round off BHS Layout, Punch Front Through to Layout/Tuck,  Round off Whip Tuck/Layout, Front Handspring Front Through to Layout/Tuck
  • LEVEL 5: Tuck, BHS Series Whip Tuck/Layout, Jump to Tuck, Round off BHS Full, FWO BHS Full, Punch Front Through to Full, Arabian Through to Full

Stunts: Flying body positions required

  • Scale
  • Arabesque
  • Scorpion
  • Needle
  • Bow and arrow
  • Heel stretch (on both right and left leg)

Summer Camp Dates:

  • Once the season begins in June we will have 3 mandatory choreography camps for our All Stars over the summer. All 3 camps need to be attended by all athletes. Please plan your vacations around these weeks.
  • Last Week in June: June 26- June 30
  • Last Two Weeks in July: July 17 – 28

***We will NOT practice on weekends during the Summer. This will apply to practices and choreography camps.